Child-led play

The Benefits of Child-led Activities in Early Years

What Is A Child-led Activity?

Child-led activities are child initiative activities. It is an activity or play that is emerging from a child and the adult is following the child’s lead.

Child-led doesn’t mean letting them do whatever they want.

Child-led activities are when you:

  • Follow their interest; what motivate, challenge, or inspire them,
  • Acknowledge their needs,
  • Notice what they notice,
  • Offer new materials and allow children to explore them,
  • Take their questions seriously and rather than answer them, help them discover answers,
  • Respect their opinions,
  • Set safe boundaries,
  • Ask questions that provoke interest and wondering,
  • Empower them

The Benefits of child-led activities:

  • Children learn while playing
  • Children grow in self-confidence
  • Children develop problem-solving skills
  • Children are self-motivated
  • Children are not boredom
  • They empower children
  • Children love it

Child-led play in practice

Another great advantage of having the teacher plan activities based on the children’s interests is the reduction of problems related to children’s attention and misbehaviors, which is a huge problem nowadays. Children are supported in a meaningful way instead of feeling excluded because they are not interested in the option that has been offered to them.

Child-led activities are win-win solutions for teachers and children.

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