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Our values are not just inspiring words. We practice them every day. We are not perfect… but we are committed to being the best we can be.

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Our Founder and CEO, Klavdija Svet is the vision-holder who upholds the frequency & integrity of our vision, cultivates our team of Top-performers, and focuses on strategic projects that make our vision a reality.

Klavdija Svet is also recognized as an authority in the field of coaching for early childhood educators. She is known for bringing out the best in everyone and helping them to express their full potential as early childhood educators.

Klavdija Svet has helped 100ths of early childhood educators to successfully go through challenging times in their careers. With her support and guidance, they have been able to rise like a phoenix from their challenging circumstances.

Early childhood educators would say about Klavdija’s coaching:

Klavdija Svet helped me through really difficult times in my life. I’m so grateful to her for seeing the potential in me that I was unaware of and encouraging me to express it, which gave my life a new perspective.

Klavdija Svet is an amazingly talented woman who can deeply listen and understand you like an old friend.
She helped me better understand myself and also see the best in others and myself.

I can not thank her enough for all that she has done for me. I was really a mess when I first contacted her. She was very kind and loving, which I think made it easy for me to
open up to her and share my problems.

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