About us

Kindergartens International Institution is a non-profit organization providing professional development for early childhood educators worldwide.

We provide ongoing quality education with the best experts in the field of Early Childhood Education from all over the world.

With online Conferences, Webinars and meetings we transcend the obstacles of distance, time, money and teach innovative approaches for creating learning opportunities for young children to develop to their full potential.

Community of happy early childhood educatorsCommunity of happy early childhood educators

Our Mission

Our Vision

Empowering early childhood educators globally by delivering equitable access to cutting-edge technology and ensuring high-quality educational opportunities for all.

Empowered early childhood educators who unleash their full potential and inspire the future generation of world changers.

Quality, not quantity

We are dedicated to helping you grow professionally and personally. We believe that the most important role in a child’s development don’t have teaching methods, technics, quantity, or quality of toys but early childhood educators and who they are as a person. We all know children learn the most by modeling from adults therefore, Kindergarten International Institution is committed to supporting early childhood educators to become the best versions of themselves.

We want to see happy and fulfilled early childhood educators, who put their well-being first because they know it is in the best interest of all, especially children.

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