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Are you exited to make a real change in the way Early Childhood Education is practised? You came to the right place.

Imagine a world in which you feel inspired when you wake up, empowered at work and fulfilled at the end of the day. Our community is a place to connect with, learn from and grow with.

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How to Share Your Knowledge?

To share your knowledge and best practise on Kindergartens International Conferences the following conditions must be met:

Your video presentation does not have to be in the English language. After we receive and approve your video, we will send you guidelines on how to make subtitles, if necessary.

Why video presentation?

  • 60% of people prefer watching a video over reading an article.
  • Our brains process visual material 60,000 times faster than text.
  • People remember 10% of the content they hear, 20% of the content they read, and as much as 80% of the content they see.

In addition, video presentation:

  • ​​Facilitates understanding of the more difficult concepts.
  • Encourages a faster understanding of the content.
  • Allows the content to implant itself in the long term memory of the audience.

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17. – 19. October 2022 ~ CHALLENGES AND CREATIVITY

14. – 15. March 2023 ~ INNOVATIVE APPROACHES

9. – 10. October 2023 ~ STIMULATIVE ENVIRONMENT

Frequently Asked Questions

Kindergartens International Institution has gathered together international experts in the field of Preschool Education to help you improve your professional skills, by presenting new ways, new approaches and new methods, which will help you do things better, faster and more effectively.
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​Yes. If you attend Kindergartens International Online Conference, you will receive our official certificate of your attendance. Additionally, if you actively participate in the conference with your video presentation, you will also receive our official Kindergartens International certificate as a Lecturer.

Kindergartens International Community is welcoming Kindergarten Teacher, Kindergarten Manager, Kindergarten Special Educators and Kindergarten Social Worker and Students.

​Yes, Kindergartens International is a non-profit Educational Institution. 

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